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I have recently been working with biodegradable polymers, and while I think they have a place in the market; the UK does not currently have a sufficiently developed waste infrastructure to benefit fully from these interesting materials.  I am sure this will change, but it will need commitment from Government, retailers, brand owners and those who are concerned about the impact of our modern life-style on the environment.


For many applications, conventional polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene currently offer the best environmental solution. Unfortunately, the polymer industry has undersold the advantages of these low cost and high performance hygienic polymers so that many people now equate the term 'plastic' with disposable rubbish and environmental damage.



BioPhile Limted was incorporated in July 2014.  The company still exists, but has been largely inactive as a result of the 2015 General Election and my getting elected to South Gloucestershire Council.

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